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As Veronica Nunn:


With Michael Franks

July 24 - Newport Beach, CA - Hyatt Regency Summer Concert Series


Spring Share



No time for Spring….

It seems that we have completely skipped over spring this year, at least weather wise. From cold to a little warm, straight to hot. We had such a COLD winter this year that I doubt if anyone minds the rush.


One thing that spring brings, whether warm or hot, is new life which can only exist because there is Love. For the young, their forward glance is eager and expecting, like the blossom strays that fearlessly beckons one to surrender to the heart and let the petals fall where they may. And as for the ‘seasoned’  our backward glance lasts just long enough to whisper, I remember when……



“Ah, it is spring,
Great spring it is now,
Great, great spring-
Ah, Great – “

-Matsuo Basho












Veronica Nunn - The Art of Michael Franks
Price: $12.98


Veronica's Michael Franks
tribute is now available!.
Features a special guest appearance
by Michael Franks
on "Leading Me Back to You".
Listen to samples from The Art of Michael Franks here.

download Mp3 Album for $9.99

Also available is the new released (2014) bonus track "How The Garden Grows/ Vivaldi's Song" only available as digital download. Listen to sample here.


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