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As Veronica Nunn:


With Michael Franks

July 24 - Newport Beach, CA - Hyatt Regency Summer Concert Series


Summer Share



Summer 000.2015

Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry…..


Yeah its that time of year where people go slightly mad. That time of year where school’s out (for some folks), vacations happens, and hot fun in the sun. Out comes the summer dresses,¬†tanks tops and swim wear. Tops down on those convertibles, let’s ride into some new memories of carefree days, cool breezes at night and songs to remember them by.

Have a safe summer. Fill it with compassion, peace, health and love.











Veronica Nunn - The Art of Michael Franks
Price: $12.98


Veronica's Michael Franks
tribute is now available!.
Features a special guest appearance
by Michael Franks
on "Leading Me Back to You".
Listen to samples from The Art of Michael Franks here.

download Mp3 Album for $9.99

Also available is the new released (2014) bonus track "How The Garden Grows/ Vivaldi's Song" only available as digital download. Listen to sample here.


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