Veronica Nunn

At some point
in life the
world’s beauty
becomes enough.

          – Toni Morrison 

Upcoming Performances

July 2023
Jul 07
07 July 2023
The Birchmere Music Hall, 3701 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, Virginia 22305

Featured CD

You can listen to samples of all of Veronica’s recordings which are available at Dead Horse Records.

The Art of Michael Franks
Really Hope It's You
Leading Me Back To You
Rendezvous In Rio
Fool's Errand
When He Is Mine

Kind of Blog

Art & Culture

Walking The Underground Railroad.

For most of my life, I have traveled extensively and quite frequently. Always on the go whether it was local traveling from within the city of New York, borough to borough or state to state, even country to country. I guess like all people encased inside the web of the two and half year pandemic,

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Conscious Life

2020 + 2021 = Now

According to the public health John Hopkins Education May 24, 2022 article – Where We Are in the Pandemic by Lindsay Smith Rogers, Covid-19 is not over and will not be over at least for the foreseeable future. Yeah, that’s right, it is still here. And thus far we are not exactly sure what it

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Conscious Life

2020 Vision

At the beginning of year 2020, I had great hopes for the future, our businesses, our lives. My life. It would be the year where I would buckle down and begin to have gratitude for myself, step up and envision new possibilities. Write music, play the bass in live performances (something that gives me shivers

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