Veronica Nunn

At some point
in life the
world’s beauty
becomes enough.

          – Toni Morrison 

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The Art of Michael Franks
Really Hope It's You
Leading Me Back To You
Rendezvous In Rio

Kind of Blog

Conscious Life

2020 Vision

At the beginning of year 2020, I had great hopes for the future, our businesses, our lives. My life. It would be the year where I would buckle down and begin to have gratitude for myself, step up and envision new possibilities. Write music, play the bass in live performances (something that gives me shivers

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Art & Culture

Tari Piring – Traditional Indonesian Dance

During the Covid 19 pandemic and choosing to self isolate, I decided that this was the perfect time to tackle some projects, confident that once this was all over, it would be difficult to come back to work on them at a later date. In the past, my schedule limited me from working on long-term

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Conscious Life

COVID-19- To Isolate or Not Isolate, is that a question?

I was thinking about those who have relatives and friends that are not taking this coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic seriously. They think it’s just media hype or they say stuff like, ‘I never get sick’. Let’s look first at ‘I never get sick’. There is always the first time and my question to that person

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