• Biography

    To pinpoint exactly what genre Veronica Nunn is connected with might be difficult these days. In part this is due to the general eclecticism of her discography—her first two CDs are as varied as her latest release, a tribute album to the legendary singer/songwriter Michael Franks. Yet, as early as 7 years old, Veronica's repertoire of songs has been eclectic, ranging from gospel, soul, show tunes, and rock and roll to folk, country and even classical. Read more

  • Tales From the Jazz Side

    Join Veronica as she hosts the monthly podcast, "Tales from the Jazz Side", a Dead Horse Records Production Read the blog and listen to the episodes.

  • Vocal Teacher

    Private and Class instruction Veronica conducts the POJVAPE Master series Singers Showcases and private lesson around the world and throughout the year. Her successful formula has helped hundred of students and musicians find their unique voice. To find out more visit Dead Horse Records. Vocal Lessons and Masterclasses

  • Extra curricular

    Peace Activist.
    SGI Nichiren Buddhist.
    Seed Artist.
    Institut Musik Daya Indonesia