Mission Unknown

The beginning of a new year and some of us reflect on years from the past, perhaps focusing on the most recent one, we ask ourselves where are we headed this year, what do we want to accomplish? What sort of goals should we set for ourselves?  Some of us are using the same goals from the previous years but adding a more determined mindset to stay on track this time around.  Maybe we are modifying long term goals, having met a number of them, we excitedly make way for newer ones. Still there are folks that have only their “I wish I coulds” in their heads. Then there are the individuals who discover they have a mission in life and from there they begin to embark on a life altering journey for themselves and others.

What is a mission and do we need to have one? I am a steadfast advocate of mission, awakening to, discovering of, uncovering, whatever way you need to find it.  Do we each have a unique mission in life that is ours alone to fulfill?

There are hundreds of articles written on-line, videos, audio books that explain and give great examples of people and missions and why having one is the key to not only a happy and successful life, but a solid and prosperous business. Suffice to say, I feel that I am only adding to a topic that has already been reiterated over and over. The question is why is this topic constantly circulating? Is having a mission the same as having goals or a specific goal? In looking at the differences and or similarities, I have gone to my ole tried and true….the dictionary. Provided is the definitions for both mission and goal.

It seems from the seven definitions listed to the right, with the exception of  numbers 1 , 2 and 7, a lot of us can identify with at least two or more of the definitions stated for mission.

Looking over the definition of a goal, most of us have experienced all six, but on the point for defining and comparing mission and goal, it is safe to go with number one.

My overall view: goals seem to be the building blocks to developing our mission, helping us keep on track. They are the “practice tools” we set up to help us integrate all of our hopes and dreams into an achievable reality, strengthening faith. Mission, well…..it our raison d’etre. I’ve provided some links to articles that ignited my quest to sorting out personal mission and setting goals.

I trust they will help guide and inspire you to examine, reveal, make real the mission that only you were put here to do. It is a question indeed and I will leave you to it.





Planet of Success –  The Personal Mission Guide, by Steve Mueller, May 28, 2016
Huffington Post – Why You Need to Create a Personal Mission Statement, by Susan Steinbrecher, Oct. 1, 2014
Wikipedia – Mission Statement
SoulWork, Self Healing, Self Exploration & Subtle & Simulation Argument Evidence Research & Investigations –Examples of the Negative Symptoms & Life Effects of a Blocked Soul Mission, by Clive Hetherington 
Sacred Scribes -Joanne – You Life Purpose and Soul Mission, by Joanne Walmsley, April 14, 2015

Is It Possible?

This peace thing. What is it about the concept of peace that people don’t understand. Why would anyone be opposed to it? Why would anyone support it? Definition: A state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations.

If we go and kill “the others”, would we be any happier as individuals. I mean if you were miserable and hated your life before the attack on our soil, would you love your life and be happy if we are at war with people that are on the other side of the planet? Maybe? I guess we just need to inventory our own lives and determine whether or not it will make any difference to our personal happiness as to whether or not we should be fighting? That’s what it’s really all about, dig? Personal happiness. I mean you have to admit, I would find it hard put to meet people that do not have some type of personal agenda when it comes to this living of life. Why live if it meant not being with your family or sharing your joys with another human being or whatever living means to you. Should we be denied? Should “the others”?