Writings about the general state of affairs, of my life as musician, peace activist and “Mystic” lover.

May in Paris!

Now is the time to write about my trip to France. Even though I made this trip a year ago, I’m feeling very Bohemian and Parisian today. And I’m ready to tell my story. In preparation for the trip, I began learning French 6 months before I decided to go, actually, it was a year […]

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Taping the Marion McPartland’s Radio show

As I walked into the studio, I recalled the famous photograph taken in 1958 “Great Day in Harlem”.  The first time I saw that photo I was amazed at all of the legendary people that were there that day, but what really struck me was the image of Marion McPartland and Mary Lou Williams side

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Smokey Joe

My last entry was about a new life, this one is about the end of a life. Today we put our Smokey to sleep. To explain his malaise would be to complicated. All I know is that the cause of his affliction is a mystery, the effect however is devastating for a cat. He’s lived

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The Allergy Season

Yes, I know, it has been a while. Sometimes I don’t always feel inspired to write about anything, but today that is a different story. I want to write about the allergy season. I suffer from allergies. And when I say I suffer, I mean I suffer. Probably not anywhere near the level as people

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Is It Possible?

This peace thing. What is it about the concept of peace that people don’t understand. Why would anyone be opposed to it? Why would anyone support it? Definition: A state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations. If we go and kill “the others”, would we be any happier as individuals.

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