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Bio - the short of it....

Veronica Nunn is a versatile and eclectic jazz artist with a lifelong passion for music. From a young age, her repertoire spanned gospel, soul, rock & roll, folk, country, and even classical. Today, she is considered a Neo Jazz artist, standing alongside legendary names like Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, and Miles Davis, each with their unique approach and style colored by the language of jazz.

Her third release, “The Art of Michael Franks,” showcases her mastery of jazz standards while paying tribute to the contemporary jazz singer/songwriter Michael Franks, whom she has been touring with since 1993.  Veronica’s musical journey began in the vibrant jazz scene of New York City, where she was mentored by renowned musicians such as Big Nick Nicholas. She has collaborated with numerous jazz legends and instrumentalists, which heavily influenced her expressive and emotive approach to jazz performance.

Beyond her strong jazz ties, Veronica Nunn is not limited to a single genre. She delved into songwriting, infusing her life experiences into original compositions that blend jazz, soul, and R&B. Her exploration of music during her residency in Europe revealed surprising universal threads and similarities across genres, leading her to develop her distinctive brand of Neo Jazz. Through her music, Veronica continually aims to express her emotions and create personal statements that resonate with audiences.

Below you will find Veronica’s YouTube Channel, her podcast, press clippings, radio interviews and gallery images. Enjoy! Peace.

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