Baby girl, Myriah

When I thought I had seen it all, life reminds me that I still got a long way to go. Last Tuesday I help deliver my god daughter Ivy’s baby girl, Myriah. I can honestly say that I will never be the same again. The funny thing about this is that I was present when Ivy was born almost 20 years ago, but she was delivered by Cesarian and that’s completely different and I mean completely different than natural child birth. I am hard put to find the words to describe the experience. All I can say is, if you ever get a chance to be there, be there!!!! The picture which is slightly out of focus, probably because I couldn’t stop crying, is of baby Myriah at about 20 minutes old. Now I truely understand when they speak of miracles happening every day, every second. And the one about ‘how time flies?’ fa get about it!!!!!!

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