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“Art for Art sake”

Here to report on my mini-quest to understand the “World” community and how being an “artist” fits into the grand scheme of things.

People separate the “artist” community from the “everybody else” community. The artist has all types of myths shadowing their lives. Are they in it for the money or for the pure love of the craft? Are they geniuses whose brilliance transcends the mere workings of ordinary minds? Artists have been given the responsibility of being the most qualified to sum up and make sense of the entire scope of human emotion and being. There is no denying, they are the most exotic, complex creatures in the human sphere, especially if they are considered famous. It appears that everyone wants to be one (an artist) or know one. An article Ice Age Art.

Nowadays, because of technology, more and more people have the capability to move from the “everybody else” to the “artist”. I hear very passionate debates about this issue. I must admit, I occasionally find myself in the “you gotta be kidding” comment zone when it comes to some of the things that have been promoted as art.

What makes an artist? Is it a “unique” way of perceiving things, is it putting in time, learning and perfecting your craft, paying your dues? What exactly does one need to do to be considered or thought of as a “real” artist?  Are the guidelines for being an artist more fluid than other careers? True, if I have to have heart surgery it is, without a doubt, better if it’s performed by a surgeon who specializes in that field. Inevitably, it boils down to the reality that’s created from all of the hard work, commitment, focus and dedication. That’s what we look at and comment on when it’s all said and done. The reality.

In my exploration of art, the world and all its diversity, examined in the context of human existence, my perception has shifted and the “on the back burner” belief that patiently waited for it’s confirmed debut, has now moved to the front of the line. (At least for now).

New belief: Our reality stems from consciousness’ audacious beauty of creating exactly that which we consistently place our attention.

In other words, we are all artists in some form or another. And even though it doesn’t always make sense, it always has value.

I’m a fan of Rob Brezsny. He is an American astrologer, writer, poet, and musician. I subscribe to his free weekly horoscope email column, Free Will Astrology. In addition to his weekly horoscopes for the different astrological signs, he also adds great excerpts from his book, Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring To Shower You with Blessings.

I wanted to share this.
Time well spent!



“For thousands of years, humans have had a profound need to create and enjoy objects that have no practical function, but have been created purely to delight, to entrance, or to inspire awe or reverence.”

Rob Brezsny

Photo taken of Sukanta Wahyu’s art work while visiting Neka Art Museum Ubud Bali

I Made Sukanta Wahyu, a dedicated wood sculptor and painter  Sengkiding village of Klungkung regencies

Artist Sukanta Wahyu – sculptor
(1944 –      Banjarangkam Klungkung, Bali)

Mushroom (JAMUR), 1990s
 rain tree wood kayu suar (Samanea saman),
179 x 78 x 60cm
This imaginative and almost alien-looking figure keeps the natural shape and texture of the wood from which it is made. It has very strange proportions with a huge erect phallus and single leg. The facial expression on it’s mushroom-shaped head is humorous, friendly and inquisitive.

“I have never sold my works at other art galleries. I create my art for my own satisfaction — not for money”.

Sukant Wahyu

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