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COVID-19- To Isolate or Not Isolate, is that a question?

I was thinking about those who have relatives and friends that are not taking this coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic seriously. They think it’s just media hype or they say stuff like, ‘I never get sick’. Let’s look first at ‘I never get sick’. There is always the first time and my question to that person is ‘Would you want the very first time you get sick, be the one time that kills you?’ (barring people who are suicidal and have just given up, or those who believe this is the end of the world or have mental conditions?) And worse, not only if it kills you, it’s one of the most horrific ways to die. Sure there’s been many people who have successfully gotten through it, and that is definitely something to have much happiness and gratitude for. But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Suppose this virus is real, to be taken seriously, and you start feeling something. You don’t suspect the virus, because, well you never get sick or it’s all hype. Now you go to the hospital, something is definitely going on, you are finding it hard to breathe. They test you and say you have COVID-19. No big deal, a lot of people come through this fine….ok, but now you have high temperature, your coughing, bluish face and lips, confusion, it becomes extremely difficult even painful to breathe. You need something to ease the extremely uncomfortable pressure that is overwhelmingly building in your chest. A respirator would help, yes. (that’s if your hospital has enough and are not in triage mode) Yeah, so? Ok…., what does that feel like? Needing to breathe? Try holding your breath for 4 minutes. Most people can’t do that. Really try……. Now the knee jerk sensation, that overarching need to inhale, get air? Well, guess what, there’s nothing that can be done. That’s called suffocation. Terrible to even imagine let alone knowing another human being is experiencing this.

Oh and let’s not forget the people we have spread the virus to; our husband, wife, children, parents, other people who also have people they love, I mean, ain’t that the way the world works……everybody’s got a mother, a father……

Now for those who believe it’s all hype, how much are you willing to bet on that? We’re not talking dollars and cents, we’re talking about using your life as currency. All in…. Bet not just on your life, but let’s add to the pot the lives of those you love,  people in your community, people in the world. Whether or not your trust the vast amount of information coming to you via social media and tv. Are those stakes high enough? Is it worth it? I’m writing this because I have family members and friends who believe that they never get sick and/or it’s all hype. I believe this can apply to people who think they are too young or healthy or that only people with preexisting conditions or over 60 are susceptible.

Maybe I never get sick or maybe it’s all hype, who knows? This is my opinion and it is my why for believing this Covid-19 is real and why I’m honestly and seriously taking precautionary measures outlined by the CDC and my state’s recommendations based on the spread of the virus. They are beginning to set up more testing sites. Find out where they are and when you can get tested.

I continue to chant everyday for each and every one of us to have lives full of health, prosperity, happiness and love. And that we all express the highest level of our humanity with deep gratitude for the sanctity and preciousness of life. 

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