Still Another Jazz Show
Dick Crocket “The Voice” 88.7 fm
February 26, 2007

Singer VERONICA NUNN is next with her new STANDARD DELIVERY CD. We played “One Note Samba,” arranged by percussionist Jaz Sawyer. Nunn has good command and articulation singing in high register, combining with this free and frenetic ‘Carnivale,’ arrangement the way it’s sounds in Rio. Her impeccable interpretation of “More Than You Know” is an excellent example of a well-trained jazz singer.

This young lady is Broadway, where a singer reaches for the same address as a Carmen McRae and Sarah Vaughn, the very breadth of interpretative language, lost loves, carousels of folly and those folks who live on the Hill, when you take notice because it’s a high standard. Veronica is climbing the Beacon Hill of jazz vocalists.


– Dick Crockett

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