All About Jazz
Vol. 5,  No. 3, April 2007

On her second release, vocalist Veronica Nunn puts forth a charming collection of standards that features her warm and inviting voice in it’s best lighting. Supported by pianist Travis Shook’s trio with Jennifer Vincent (bass) and Jaz Sawyer (drums), Nunn’s clearly enunciated vocals breeze through a snappy version of “A Foggy Day” and a cleverly unique take of “Thou Swell.” On the slower songs like “Where or When” and “I Love You For Sentimental Reasons,” she is disarmingly comforting, letting her assuring voice caress you like a late night neck rub.

The supporting trio is flexible and able to run the gamut from sentimental ballads to Afro-Cuban exotica. On a song like “More Than You Know,” the band languishes behind Nunn’s enveloping vocals with delicacy and affection. Nunn has plenty to offer, and she’s off to a running start.


– George Harris

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