LA Jazz Scene
November 2004

Emphasizing lyrical melodies, Veronica Nunn sings about the way things are these days. She relates to her audience naturally. An eclectic array of songs by Bobby Troup, Stephen Sondheim, Abbey Lincoln, George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers and Anthony Newley give her an edge; but it’s her musical acumen that convinces.

Singer Michael Franks describes her gifts as, “perfectly in tune and emotionally from a place inside the lyrics.” As Nunn’s beautiful voice interprets “I Loves You Porgy” slowly and softly, you’re made to feel quite comfortable with that description. She works with pianist Travis Shook, bassist Jennifer Vincent and drummer Jaz Sawyer. Horns are added for several numbers.

The singer’s natural feel for jazz and blues means that no-frills are required. Her voice takes center stage, and that’s fortunate. Nunn’s intimate approach and convincing interpretations sparkle. Audio samples may be found at

Her own song, “You Know You’re In Love,” serves as the session’s high point. Nunn describes for her audience the feelings that take over when this kind of thing happens to you. With a delicate piano trio by her side, she weaves her way around the lyrics, supplying heartfelt emotion. She gives us a memorable souvenir that we’ll carry in our hearts and minds for days on end. Veronica Nunn is unforgettable.

– Jim Santella

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