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Seeing Old Friends at B.B. Kings

This post is for the people that were at my gig last week. It seems that I make too big a deal out of blogging, Blogging should be fun. And from this moment on, it will be fun. How is my procrastination???? So far so good. I have been right on schedule with my list of things to do everyday. The secret is to just do the thing and don’t think too much about it, as a matter of course, don’t think at all about it. I’ve also discovered that the busier I am the more things I get done. So for me, I guess I just need to stay busy.

Back to my last week gig. I had a great time seeing the master of the Internet and King of Blogging Rick Bruner, who by the way plays “the hungarian” like nothing you’ve ever seen. Also my friend from way, way, way back, David Barnes, stopped in after his show at B.B. King’s in Times Square, sat in, playing the harmonica brilliantly on a couple of tunes. It reminded me of the good ole days and I’m sure more goods days are to come. Also a shout out to my friend Nicole Mensinger on her performance monologue for tomorrow evening. Permeate their being with your truth.

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