writers block

Writer’s Block

Yes, yes, it has been months. The purpose of this blog today is to make new determinations for this year and one of those is to write more blogs this year. Starting with this one.

I was talking to Michael Franks about a week ago and I was adamantly promoting the wonder and beauty of blogging. He is such an incredible writer, lyricist and singer that it seemed to me to make perfect sense for him to have his own blog. I know his fans would really dig it. Anyway, I’m still working on convincing him. First I must start with myself. I definitely can see the difficulty in deciding what to write every day without sounding like a finished idiot. But, as I’ve been told countless times, practice makes perfect, so, I can only get better if I stop worrying about what others think of my intellect and start defining, with words, the world as I feel it. For me, fear is the word for today. Fear in all of its illusory forms. I live my life by it most of the time. The tricky part of this is that sometimes I’m not aware that I’m afraid of certain things. Like when I procrastinate. Oh, yes, there are many other things that I’m afraid of, but to confess this early on in the game would leave me with little or nothing to write about in future blogs. So for now we will just begin and end with this revelation. Major determination for this year, no more procrastination. I will do, what must be done.

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