A Short one on Ms. Ricki Lee Jones

This blog goes out to David Wilts, yes, another David, a sound engineer most extraordinaire, one who’s not only into sound but, lyrics. Rare indeed. Today I was just reacquainted with the singer-songwriter Ricki Lee Jones. I was gifted with a CD of hers entitled ‘It’s Like This’ and I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes and respects the art of subtlety. The choice of songs and their arrangements are extremely pleasant to listen to and the grooves are nice and sparse. I was greatly inspired by it. Sounds like a review, well it is, buy it and listen to it. It’s great and a perfect example of artistry in it’s most sincere form. I’ve always been a fan of Ms. Jones and I must admit I’ve not been current on her work over the past 5 years or so. It’s refreshing to meet her again and start the affair all over again, this time with both of us being much older and wiser.

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