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Fifth Time Is The Charm

Count down to departure. Somehow I feel as if I must take everything with me. I will have so much quality time with myself, I want to make sure that I’m not bored. Also this time I want to be compact and limit the number of unnecessary things, basically, no unnecessary things, if possible. I’m buying a Japanese phrasebook today.

I never thought after the first time that we played there, that I would ever need one. With this being my fifth time going, I guess you could say that there is that possibility that I might get over there again. Let’s see how different this experience will be with me attempting to communicate in the native tongue. And of course, I will tell you all about it, when I return. We leave on Monday around (9:00am), Arriving in Osaka (5:00pm) on Tuesday. Long Flight. Well I’m off and running to get my phrasebook, Sayonara!!!!!!

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