gold pavillon mf 93 gig

Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo…..

I’m back and the trip was fantastic!!! I didn’t take any pictures, except for the one time we were at soundcheck at Sweet Basil’s and I started shooting away only to discover that I hadn’t any film in the camera. Oh well. The first five days were challenging, for I was relating to a stomach virus that kept me, pretty much bedridden, except when I had to perform. It was of great fortune that we had quite a few days of downtime in between gigs and traveling from Osaka to Tokyo. After that incident, I felt like I had a new lease on life and everything was beautiful. We stayed at my favorite hotel in Tokyo, the Capital Tokyo Hotel right next door to the Temple where Michael and Claudia got married.

Every morning after my Pilates and meditation I would walk up the temple steps and around the grounds through the back (my shortcut) to get to my morning hang. The hang being Starbucks, where for the next six days straight they made perfect cappuccinos. And when I say perfect, I mean perfect. I sat there sipping away, watching people walk by, writing in my journal and listening to Frank Sinatra over the house system. It was heavenly. The remainder of the gigs were inspirational. I love working with these guys, they are such remarkable players and great individuals. They make touring incredibly fun. I also started seriously playing poker with the guys. I use to sit in on a few hands, but my limit was only 15 cents. Now I will play for at least a dollar, which keeps me in the game. A note: It’s the winning that gets you addicted. Go figure!!!! Sore-dewa sorosoro shitsuree-itashimasu. Sayonara!!

(image was taken by yours truly on the second visit to Japan- the Gold Pavillion)

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