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The Allergy Season

Yes, I know, it has been a while. Sometimes I don’t always feel inspired to write about anything, but today that is a different story. I want to write about the allergy season. I suffer from allergies. And when I say I suffer, I mean I suffer. Probably not anywhere near the level as people who must get allergy shots, but nevertheless, it can be a drag. Well, now that I ‘ve complained enough, let’s look at what is really happening during the allergy season. What’s happening is about mating, about spreading the seeds around so that plant life can insure that there will be other plant life. That’s a beautiful thing. I really enjoy flowers and green trees and birds and bees. And I like them more than the little inconvience I might experience during this time when life is waking up and stirring about to start the cycle all over again. This is what I think about when I’ve sneezed for the 28th time.

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