2020 + 2021 = Now

According to the public health John Hopkins Education May 24, 2022 article – Where We Are in the Pandemic by Lindsay Smith Rogers, Covid-19 is not over and will not be over at least for the foreseeable future. Yeah, that’s right, it is still here. And thus far we are not exactly sure what it […]

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Baby, Scratch My Back….

Being a singer, I’m hypersensitive to lyrics to songs. There a quite a few songs about scratchin’ where it itches. Most of them are blues titles. The title of this post, for instance, is taken from a Slim Harpo tune of the same name. Another “Scratch My Back” title song, written by Earl Cage, Raymond

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Dear Big Brother……

“They saw my WHAT?” There is a steady flow of posting and commenting on social media about the National Security Agency (NSA) and our being “watched”. It’s not that we citizens of the United States are not prepared for this type of constant intrusion of our privacy. We have slowly allowed ourselves to embrace the

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Brooklyn For Peace

Brooklyn For Peace is an organization that was founded in 1984 by a small group of parents that were concerned about the devastating effects of war. Now 25 years later they are still going strong. I have been a member for 3 years now and have served on the board for 2 of those years.

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The Allergy Season

Yes, I know, it has been a while. Sometimes I don’t always feel inspired to write about anything, but today that is a different story. I want to write about the allergy season. I suffer from allergies. And when I say I suffer, I mean I suffer. Probably not anywhere near the level as people

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Dream Crush in Cherry Flavor

A friend of mine and I was talking last night and the subject of the real-world and dreams came up. After a good night’s rest, I woke up with these thoughts. I figured it didn’t seem that weird to me, maybe it won’t seem weird to you either. How does one reconcile the real world

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