dream stomp

Dream Crush in Cherry Flavor

A friend of mine and I was talking last night and the subject of the real-world and dreams came up. After a good night’s rest, I woke up with these thoughts. I figured it didn’t seem that weird to me, maybe it won’t seem weird to you either.

How does one reconcile the real world and the world of fantasy and dreams? When we start out as little ones we are always making believin’ this and make believin that, but sadly as time moves forward somewhere along the way, we modify our dreams until we reach a point where we no longer dream at all. No more make-believe. There’s also those frightened, horrible opinions of well-meaning family and friends telling you to grow up and get your head out of the clouds.

I have one question to ask. Take a look at where they are right now and ask yourself, is this where I want to be as well? If the answer is, no way, then you better start dreaming again. I have, it’s great and the real world and the dream world are beginning to share some common ground.

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