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Dear Big Brother……

“They saw my WHAT?”

There is a steady flow of posting and commenting on social media about the National Security Agency (NSA) and our being “watched”.

It’s not that we citizens of the United States are not prepared for this type of constant intrusion of our privacy. We have slowly allowed ourselves to embrace the fad of being the center of attention. With our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, etc.  I would even go so far as to say that our love of Reality TV is nothing more than a precursor to what we now face as our new REAL reality.

Outrage seems to be the appropriate response. The fear/anger of our personal information being made available to any organization is quite mind-boggling, considering we offer some of the same information readily when we post on social networking sites. The issue may not be the constant surveillance of our lives but, perhaps it’s just that we would like to pick and choose when we want to be watched. When our masked are neatly in place and any cracks in our facades have been repaired where no one can tell there’s ever been any damage.

Somehow, though, we feel powerless in the presence of such an enormous, faceless, technological beast. Having all our activities and personal data laid bare for the “government or whomever” to view at any time and for any reason is definitely a cause for alarm and seriously reeks of a police state. If this is inevitable, will we finally get to a point where we are reenacting the 1970 science fiction thriller Colossus: A Forbin Project, a cautionary tale about Dr. Charles A. Forbin, chief designer of a secret government project, who created an advanced supercomputer, called “Colossus”, only to find himself a prisoner of this “all-seeing” monster? And what, if any, effective defense do we have for battling a ubiquitous, omnipresent enemy?

I have always felt I was being watched. The contributing factor coupled with my extremely religious nature as a child, was the constant reminders from the nuns of St. Bartholomew and the minister from Mount Zion Baptist Church, that He (God) sees your every move, knows your every thought and in your not too distant future, is the possibility of hell, if you’re not careful.  I can’t begin to tell you the problems their well-meaning habituate design caused and the dedicated years of meditation and spiritual exploration it required to restore my faith.

OK, so, since we are being watched, have always, more or less by varying degrees, been watched, I can attest; (I know as an African born in America, I still can’t go into some stores without have someone watching or following me) I’ve decided to write a letter to NSA and request that they specifically watch me or I should say my channel. All written materials from me to others will be based on the same formula.

Perhaps through constant viewing, the programs of my channel will seep into their subconscious mind and alter their behavior. One can only imagine.

Dear NSA,

Welcome to channel vnunn. I know that I’m in competition with hundreds, thousands, millions of channels that you are and or will be watching and my request is that you consider mine to be watched the most frequently. If I say so myself, it’s pretty addicting. There will be at times, some images that you may not find not suitable for watching, such as using the bathroom (#2’s), me taking a shower (at my age, it’s not an erotic interlude), I think you get the drift of where this is going. As we all know channels will periodically broadcast some bad programming.

All that aside, for 24 hours you will be able to view programs about compassion, tolerance, respect for humanity. This channel will emit energy of light, forgiveness and transcendence. Through my actions every day I will be reminding all who are watching, that they are expansions of my consciousness. My words and my life will speak of joy, health, happiness, vitality, truth, beauty, honesty, freedom, courage, endurance, integrity, co-existence, generosity, abundance, gratitude, love, love, always, love.

The syndicated programs that I run of my fellow world citizens will be about empowering others to see the sacred spark, the true nature of self. You will be able to see us build new civilizations based on the consistent commitment to dialogue on all levels. Not just dialogue limited to exchange of pleasantries, but includes the sharing of sharply differing perspectives. You will see through this exchange, rigid beliefs that were non-inclusive, dissolve and be replaced with the open mind and heart of dedicated ambassadors for peace.

Everything you see, hear, experience on my network will overflow with the bliss of giving and receiving, of the liberating eternal power of faith in the evolutionary potential of humankind to live and grow together as one. This channel is sponsored by the power of the Infinite that fuels the incomprehensible eternal vastness of the Universe. The music and all art that are present on this channel stems from the creative source of All that is and will ever be. 

My channel, is designed to consume your very soul and burn it by the fires of love, so that you will rise like the phoenix out of the ashes,  toward the great light that is YOU.

I really hope you tune in,  I REALLY WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO!


Veronica Nunn aka Channel vnunn

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