“Working with Veronica for almost the last 30 years has been a pleasure, both personally and musically. Aside from the fact that she always sings perfectly in tune and, emotionally, from a place inside the lyrics, she possesses that rarest and most prized of musical gifts, a beautiful voice.”

 Michael Franks –  Singer-Songwriter

“Veronica Nunn is one of the brightest new jazz singers to come along in quite a while. She’s original, discerning, independent, and purely swinging.”

Clive Davis – New York Daily News

“Veronica Nunn has an unmistakable sound, a rich timbre at once intimate and reserved. Perfect time and remarkable vocal control make her ballads and fast tempos equally intriguing. And can she swing! “

Stuart Troup – New York Newsday

“When I give my love to you,’ the sensual, steamy duet performed by Michael Franks with featured singer Veronica Nunn was the highlight of the evening. Her voice complimented his as it laced around the melody, ending with a moving vocalese solo, that had the audience on their feet in applause.”

Los Angeles Times
from Michael Franks review at the Strand

“It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a real jazz singer!”

Stuart Troupe – Jazz Critic
upon hearing a Veronica Nunn demo tape being played on the house system at Sweet Basil, New York City, 1996


The Art of Michael Franks

Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes Magazine

“. . . [Veronica] she evokes a heightened sense of mystery.”

Standard Delivery

Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes Magazine

“. . . [Veronica] can make the stale sound fresh, the familiar sound arresting.”

Michael Steinman, Cadence Magazine

“. . . Her enunciation and intonation are a reproach to better-known singers.”

Jim Santella, Jazz Improv’s New York Jazz Guide

“. . . Kudos to Veronica Nunn for the fresh ideas that she’s introduced into her standards album.”

George Harris, All About Jazz
“. . . she is disarmingly comforting, letting her assuring voice caress you like a late night neck rub.”

Dick Crockett, Still Another Jazz Show, 88.7FM
“. . . This young lady is Broadway, where a singer reaches for the same address as a Carmen McRae and Sarah Vaughn . . .”

American Lullaby

Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence Magazine
“. . . Unmistakably, this is an exceptional debut . . .”

Richard Bourcier,
“. . . Nunn is very much, her own stylist and sounds like no one else . . . I look forward to more by this talented singer and her group.”

Ken Franckling, Jazz Improv Magazine
“. . . She sings with skill and confidence and swings mightily on a mix of jazz chestnuts, popular show tunes and originals.”

Jim Santella, LA Jazz Scene
“. . . Veronica Nunn is unforgettable.”

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